Radio produced by and for prisoners is a unique response to the rapidly intensifying problem of prisons.

Relatively affordable to make and listen to, radio is increasingly recognised for helping people to survive their time in prison and maintain the family and community connections which can be important for staying out.

Prisoners are among the most hidden, unheard and misrepresented in society. Radio provides a platform for demystifying prisons and punishment, placing the expertise of those with lived prison experience at the center of debate on criminal justice issues.

The aim of this site is to provide a central portal for prison related radio programs and audio production in Australia. Through sharing experiences and ideas, the Prisoner Radio Network aims to connect current and aspiring prison radio practitioners, joining forces to inform the development of activity nationally.

Radio and audio production made by and for prisoners takes many forms worldwide.

In Australia, there is a strong history of community radio programming for prisoners. Detailed case studies can be found in ‘Raising the Civil Dead – Prisoners & Community Radio’ by Heather Anderson 

We want to hear from everyone out there making prisoner radio – there is strength in unity!

Projects will be able to link full information here to their own web pages eventually. But for now, here’s a brief overview of the prisoner programming we know about across the country:

  • Beyond the Bars – 3CR 885AM Melbourne
  • Doin Time – 3CR 885AM Melbourne
  • Jailbreak – 2XX 98.3FM Canberra; 2DRY 107.7FM Broken Hill; 3CR 885AM Melbourne; 2SER 107.3FM Sydney; Koori Radio 93.7FM Sydney; Skid Row 88.9FM Sydney
  • Locked In – 4ZZZ 102.1FM Brisbane
  • Radio Seeds – WOW 100.5FM Adelaide
  • The Prison Show – Three D Radio 93.7FM Adelaide
  • WKRP Radio – 6DBY 97.9FM Derby; National Indigenous Radio Service