Radio and audio production made by and for prisoners takes many forms worldwide.

In Australia, there is a strong history of community radio programming for prisoners. Detailed case studies can be found in ‘Raising the Civil Dead – Prisoners & Community Radio’ by Heather Anderson¬†

We want to hear from everyone out there making prisoner radio – there is strength in unity!

Projects will be able to link full information here to their own web pages eventually. But for now, here’s a brief overview of the prisoner programming we know about across the country:

  • Beyond the Bars – 3CR 885AM Melbourne; 3KnD 1503AM Melbourne
  • Doin Time – 3CR 885AM Melbourne
  • Jailbreak – 2XX 98.3FM Canberra; 2DRY 107.7FM Broken Hill; 3CR 885AM Melbourne; 2SER 107.3FM Sydney; Koori Radio 93.7FM Sydney; Skid Row 88.9FM Sydney
  • Locked In – 4ZZZ 102.1FM Brisbane
  • Radio Seeds – WOW 100.5FM Adelaide
  • The Prison Show – Three D Radio 93.7FM Adelaide
  • WKRP Radio – 6DBY 97.9FM Derby; National Indigenous Radio Service